We are so excited to welcome you, the graduating class of 2027!

Check out the Gr 9 Orientation Flyer from the 2023-2024 school year for more information.

To assist our future W-O students and parents with the upcoming transition to high school, we have provided some useful information on this page. Please have a look through our website to learn more about future courses, academic levels and find out all about life as a WODSS high school student!  

Art Business Drama English
Family Studies Geography History Language
Mathematics Music  Phys Ed SHSM
Science Tech

How do I know what courses to pick?
Your grade 8 teachers will work with you in early January to help guide you on course selection and get everything set up for your transition to grade 9.

I am coming from another School Board, how can I sign up?
Check out our Grade 9 Registration page, under Non-WRDSB Students for step-by-step instructions on how to register.

Am I eligible for Transportation?
W-O pulls from a large extended rural demographic. Please refer to the Transportation Website to search your address. Please contact the main office at 519-634-5441, dial 8, then 5504 if you have any questions regarding transportation.

Where can I get more information?
Please click here for the Grade 9 Registration Information page. The deadline to apply for the coming school year is in February 2024. 

What does a normal day look like?
School starts at 8:10 am.  Each day, you will attend four classes (periods) that are 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.  There are two periods in the morning and two in the afternoon with a 60-minute common lunch.  The last two periods of the day flip from week to week.   In between each class, you have 5 minutes to travel to your next class.  The school day ends at 2:20 pm W-O Timetable.

What is a timetable?
Your timetable is your own personal class schedule.  It tells you what course you have in each period in each semester,  the teacher’s name, and the room number.  All students will receive a copy of their timetable on the first day of school from their Homeroom teacher. Please refer to the Grade 9 Sample Timetable to give you an idea of what your timetable may look like. We know, it’s confusing at first, but after a couple of days, you will be a pro.

How will I find my way around the school?
This map of the school will help you find your way around. 1st Floor Map 2nd Floor Map

When do I get my locker? Do I get my own?
Every student at Waterloo-Oxford receives their own locker on the first day of school.  You are required to bring your own lock or you can purchase one from the main office for $8. If you are unable to bring a lock on the first day, no worries, you have up to a week to claim your locker.  To keep your locker secure, you should never share your locker combination with anyone.

Do you have a cafeteria?
We have an awesome cafeteria and it is used for many different purposes.  You can buy breakfast and lunch in the cafe. We also use it for some assemblies, SAC PAC Meetings, lunchtime SAC events, music and drama production.  Seniors also have the option to spend their spare period in the cafe as a quiet place to work and study.  *Insider tip – the chocolate chip cookies are baked fresh every morning 🙂

Can I leave the school property during lunch?
Yes, as long as it’s okay with your parents.  There is a small plaza near Baden with a variety of food options that you can go to. We remind you to be on your best behaviour and be respectful if you go to these locations because you are representing W-O. Also, be aware of the time (it is a 20-minute walk) so that you are not late to class after lunch.

What happens if I get lost and can’t find my class?
On the first day of school at W-O, there are many staff and SAC students (wearing bright green ASK ME shirts) that will be happy to help you find each one of your classes and give you some helpful hints to figuring out how to navigate the hallways and to understand how the classrooms are numbered.

Why would I go and see my guidance counsellor?
Each student in high school is assigned their own guidance counsellor, according to their last name. Ideally, you will have the same guidance counsellor for your entire high school career as they support you in making many choices in your education journey. Your guidance counsellor is there to provide you (and your family) with support in your academic and pathways programming, to be a connection between you and other staff members in the school, and to help you access support when you need them. Your guidance counsellor should be your first stop when you have big questions and want some individual time to talk things through.

How do I see my guidance counsellor?
You can book an appointment to see your guidance counsellor through our online booking system.  Links to each counsellor’s booking page are available on our guidance page on the WODSS website.  The Guidance department visits grade 9 classes early in the school year to share information about in school supports and to assist students with their Individual Pathway Plans (IPPs).  You are welcome to drop by  “Guidance” and introduce yourself anytime!


How much homework will I get? Is the homework difficult?
Different teachers assign different amounts of homework. Some classes like math assign homework daily, while other classes like phys ed, may not have daily homework. What is important to know is that many teachers give students time in class to do homework, and if you ever have trouble understanding what you’re supposed to do, your teacher will be able to provide the right materials to help you succeed. Try and complete your homework each night so you don’t fall behind.

Will I have to write exams? What does that mean?
Yes, you may have to write exams at the end of each semester. There are days set aside for exams in January and June. Not all courses have exams, but your teachers will let you know at the beginning of the course whether or not a course has an exam. Exams are the same as tests except you will be tested on the curriculum for the entire course. Teachers at Waterloo-Oxford will spend time helping you prepare and review for the exams ahead of time so try not to be too worried about writing exams.

Where can I get help with my school work?
You can start by asking your teacher for extra help. Many teachers at W-O offer extra help at lunch, after school, or by appointment.  Some teachers offer assistance online on their Google Classrooms. You can also access extra help from Student Success, and the Resource Room.

Student Success Hub is located in the main hallway in room 302 (across from the main office). Any student can drop in at lunch.  The Nutrition for Learning program and the Child and Youth Worker (CYW) are also located here.  Teachers may also refer students to a Student Success Teacher for additional support.

The Resource Room supports students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and is located in the main hallway in room 201 (just past the Library).  They are open from 8:00 am – 2:20 pm on a daily basis (including during lunchtime).

Who can access Resource?
Students who have an Individual Education Plan can access the room and receive extra support from Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs) and Educational Assistants (EAs).


What is Student Activities?
Student Activities (SAC) is at the hub of all the fun and excitement in the school.  Follow us  @wocarpediem on Instagram and Tik Tok for more information.

What is a Student Activity Card?  Do I have to buy one?
In order to participate in any sports teams, join a club, vote in elections or go to a dance, you will need to purchase a student card. Student cards are $40 each and can be purchased at the beginning of every school year on School Day. At W-O we make sure that every student has the same opportunities regardless of ability to pay. Please contact your guidance counsellor if you have any financial concerns.

What are some fun events at the school?
One of the most exciting events at our school is our annual Semi-Formal dance, which is an off-campus dance held during the evening in the fall and spring. We also have another special day for grade 9 students that includes a dance called UXN49N.

Other great events are “Battle of the Barns” which is a huge one-day, sport and spirit event with Elmira District Secondary School. We also host exciting events like Barnyard Bash, Outdoor Movie Night, FOHM, Seniors Yuletide Feast, Arts Exhibits and many more. 

What clubs can I join?
There are many different clubs at Waterloo-Oxford such as Best Buddies, Chess Club, DECA, EV Car Club, the Gay-Straight Alliance, Fed Prov, the Outers Club, Snowboarding, the W-O Say So Newspaper and so much more. Also, you can always start a brand new club if you have an idea for one that doesn’t already exist – and a teacher supervisor.

Are there drama school plays we can be part of?
Yes, every other year we hold auditions for our School Musical. There are lots of roles not just acting that you can be involved in such as tech (lights/sound), costume and set design as well as stage management.

What music performance opportunities are available?
We love music at W-O!  There are so many ways to use your musical talents and explore your interests!  One of the best ways is to join one of our performance ensembles:  

Bands – Junior Concert Band, Junior Stage Band, Senior Concert Band, Senior Stage Band, Percussion Ensemble 

Choir – Concert Choir, Jazz Choir, Chamber Choir, Appassionata (women’s) Choir and Men’s Choir

Students who would like to help organize WODSS music events, or develop their leadership skills, can also join our WODSS Music Council. 

Check out our Music page for more information. You can also view last year’s first ever Virtual Music Awards.

How does Waterloo-Oxford give back to its community?
Our staff and students organize many great activities to help our community such as RELAY for Life, Senior Yuletide Feast, Gift of LOVE (Christmas Hampers), Outdoor Movie Night and several Charity Days during the year.

What sports teams are offered at W-O?
Waterloo-Oxford is a part of WCSSAA, which is a league composed of all high schools in the WRDSB.  There are three separate sports’ seasons.  In the fall, our school offers Football, Field Hockey, Boys Volleyball, Girls Basketball, Cross Country, Golf and Senior Tennis. In the winter, we offer Badminton, Boys Basketball, Girls Volleyball, Curling, Powerlifting, Hockey and Wrestling.  In the Spring, we offer Track and Field, Soccer, Rugby, Junior Tennis and Slow Pitch. View last year’s Athletic Banquet video.

How do I join a sports team?
Most of our sports teams have tryouts and you have to be selected as a team member. However, there are a number of teams such as cross-country, wrestling, and track and field that do not have tryouts and you can simply sign up and become a member of the team. Listen to the morning announcements for more information.

Do the teams travel?  Will I miss school?
Yes, all teams will have some form of travel involved during the school day. This usually involved missing part of your afternoon classes. You can let your teacher know ahead of time that you are on a team and will be leaving early on game days. The teacher will let you know what work you need to catch up on before the next class.