What is S.A.C. P.A.C. ?

S.A.C. P.A.C.” stands for Student Activities Council Peer Advisor Committee. It is an exciting program at Waterloo-Oxford DSS, spearheaded by the Guidance Dept. and SAC Advisors Josh Cowan and Dustin Vanhouwelingen, where Grade 9 students are matched up in a small group with a Student Activities Council member for the entire year.  You will hear from your SAC PAC leader by phone the weekend before school starts and meet them on the first day of school. Your “SAC PAC” will meet again during school on *TBD, at Ultimate eXtreme Niners Night for Niners (UX9N4N) on *TBD, and five more times throughout the year (*September 16th in a special meeting with guest speaker), *October 16th, *December 3rd,  *February 11th and *April 7th).  The goal of this program is to get all students positively connected, to make sure your questions about high school are always answered, and that you are thoroughly informed of all that W-O has to offer.

How will it work?

Grade 9 students receive an introductory phone call the weekend before school from your “SAC PAC” leader welcoming you to W-O.  At this time feel free to ask any questions you may have about the first day of school as well.  On the first day of school, the SAC PAC leaders will be in the big gym helping you find your Homeroom List and getting you on your way to your Homeroom. On *TBD (the third day of school) you will meet with your “SAC PAC” from 9:10 am – 9:50 am to get further acquainted and learn more about W-O.  Your “SAC PAC” will have a chance to meet again at the Ultimate eXtreme Niners Night for Niners on *TBD at 6 pm for free pizza and a time of extreme fun and games followed by an outdoor dance.  There will be five other meetings (see dates listed above) throughout the year as well, all designed to keep you informed, answer your questions and help you in any way possible.

What is it for?

The purpose of SAC PAC is to make sure that Grade 9 students coming in to W-O feel welcomed, get connected to students leaders and each other, are informed about all that W-O has to offer, and feel they have a senior student who is able to help them as they adjust to high school life, school work, activities, etc.

Who is SAC anyway?

SAC” is our Student Activities Council Leadership group.  It consists of 110 student leaders who make up our Student Activities Council and who are enrolled in Leadership class (IDC 30X/IDC 4UX).  They work along with the SAC Advisors and many other staff and students (like the elected Homeroom Reps) to make sure that there is something for everyone at W-O.  As SAC PAC leaders, the SAC members look forward to welcoming all of our Grade 9’s and helping them make the most of their high school years.

If you have any questions about SAC PAC please feel free to call Mr. Cowan or Mr. Van Houwelingen at 519-634-5441.


*dates tbd for 23-24 school year.