WO Gr. 9 Technology Brochure 2020

For more information on the courses we offer, please feel free to review the Course Selection Calendar for this year.  If you have any questions, please contact the Department Head Mike Ratkaj at michael_ratkaj@wrdsb.ca or Jodi Jackson at jodi_jackson@wrdsb.ca.

Department Members:

  • Mr. Dosman – Transportation Technology  (chad_dosman@wrdsb.ca)
  • Ms. Jackson – Communication Technology (jodi_jackson@wrdsb.ca)
  • Mr. Miller  – Manufacturing  (anthony_miller@wrdsb.ca)
  • Mr. Ratkaj – Department Head – Computer Engineering (michael_ratkaj@wrdsb.ca)
  • Mr. Shantz – Construction Tech (scott_shantz@wrdsb.ca)
  • Mr. Thompson – Woodworking (richard_t_thompson@wrdsb.ca)