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Using Virtual Library to find scholarly journal articles

Most of the online databases are under either GALE or EBSCO host.  However, depending on your research topics, there are additional databases you could use as well.  The good starting points are Gale Online Resources and Explora.

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Online Database Profile GALE — this is a PowerSearch interface that links to various subject areas.  An excellent tool is Topic Finder under Academic OneFile.  This feature will help you in narrowing your topic by generating both subtopics and resources in one step. Another useful feature for GALE products is its integration with Google Drive.  You can download your search results directly onto your Google Drive and refer to them later.

Online databases Explora (EBSCO) — EBSCO offers similar products but you will get different results from GALE.  Although its products are not integrated with Google Drive, you would download the search results as a pdf file.  You could also email the results to yourself.

Both products offer ready-to-use citations.