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Online Resources

Recommended databases for geography related articles. All the databases are available under the Virtual Library that can be accessed via the Library tab on the school home page. No password is required for school access. For home access, use your login/password for school account

1. Global Issues in Context — current & historic perspectives on international news and events.

Virtual Library –> GALE Online Resources –> Global Issues in Context

2. GREENR — Global reference on the environment, energy & natural resources.

Virtual Library –>  GALE Online Resources –> Environmental Studies –> Greenr

3.  Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Collection — 50+ journals

Virtual Library –> GALE Online Resources –> Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Collection

4. InfoTrac Newsstand — full-text articles by headline, date, newspaper section and more.

Virtual Library –> GALE Online Resources  –> InfoTrac Newsstand

5.  CPI.Q — Canadian Periodicals Index with newspaper and magazine articles.

Virtual Library –>  GALE Online Resources  –> CPI.Q