4th Quadmester courses:

  • Mrs. K. Cosgriffe                        ENG2DI
  • Mr. J. Cowan                              ENG2PI
  • Mr. J. Cvetich(Dept. Head)     ENG34UI
  • Ms. S. Fraser                              OLC4OE
  • Mr. M. Kolodziej                       ENG2DI
  • Mrs. H. Lotz                               ENG3CI
  • Mr. McIntyre                             ENG4CI
  • Mrs. L.Scheerer                         ENG3CI
  • Ms. A. Sparks                             ADA1OIx2
  • Ms. J. Wright                             ENG1DIx2

Course Selection Information:

1. For Gr. 8 Parents and students: Grade 9 Course Options

2. For Grade 9 students: Grade 10 Course Options

3. For Grade 10 students: Grade 11 Course Options

4. For Grade 11 students: Grade 12 Course Options

Do you like to write creatively? There are 2 ways to join a writing community at W-O:

1. Take a course. The Writer’s Craft(EWC4CU) is a grade 12 course offered at both the college and university level. You will have the opportunity to work on your writing skills, in a variety of forms, styles, and genres, in a creative environment with like-minded students.

2. Join the W-O Say-So. This is the school student ‘newspaper’ that publishes student writing on-line. Listen to announcements for weekly meeting information or contact Mr. Cvetich for more information. Check out the Say-So site: W-O Say-So

Some useful online resources:

Finding-Secondary-SourcesThe Virtual Library is a collection of online databases.  Use your school computer account for both school and home access.

Concordance of Shakespeare’s complete works: This is part of the open source Shakespeare program.