Students are expected to attend all assigned classes. Regular attendance is a legal requirement and it is an important part of each course.

Reporting Student Absences

It is important to report all student absences, lates and early departures to the attendance office.

To report an absence, please use one of the following options:

Email: wod-attendance@wrdsb.ca

Telephone: 519-634-5441, press 1. Voicemail is available 24/7.

Lates / Early Departures

  • If you are late or absent for any portion of the day, you must sign in/out with the attendance office. For example, if you have an appointment in the morning and arrive at school during the middle of lunch, you must proceed to the attendance office to sign in before going to your afternoon classes. It is expected that all absences are validated by a parent/legal guardian.

  • If you need to leave for an appointment during the day, we will need an email, a call, or a note from a parent/legal guardian PRIOR to your leaving. All students are required to come to the main office to sign out with the attendance secretary.

Adult Status

Under the Age of Majority and Education Acts, adult status means any person who attains 18 years of age. When students turn 18, information about their academic progress, attendance, and access to their records can no longer be provided to their parents/guardians without the student’s written consent. If adult students wish to authorize school staff to continue sharing their information with their parents/guardians, they have the option of completing the Consent for Information Sharing – Adult Students form and returning it to the school office. Adult students also have the right to change these permissions/contacts at any time by submitting a new form with the amended information.

Adult Status Forms can be found in the main office or by clicking the link below.