To report an absence, please use one of the following options:

Telephone: 519-634-5441, press 1. Voicemail is available 24/7

Students are expected to attend all assigned classes. Regular attendance is a legal requirement and it is an important part of each course.

What Do I Do If I’m Late For Class?
  • If you are late and it has been validated by a parent, please come and sign in the main office.
  • If you are late, with no parent validation go directly to class and sign-in with your teacher.
  • Your late arrival will be recorded by your teacher and you may be assigned a consequence by your teacher.
  • If a teacher continues to have concerns about the nature or frequency of a student’s late arrival to class, the student’s vice-principal will be informed, detentions may be assigned, and a parent/guardian will be contacted.
What Do I Do If I Have An Appointment?
  • If you are absent for any portion of the day, you must sign-in/out with the attendance office. For example, if you have an appointment in the morning and arrive at school during the middle of lunch, you must proceed to the attendance office to sign-in before going to your afternoon classes.
  • If you need to leave for an appointment during the day, we will need a note or a call from a parent prior to you leaving.  All students are required to come to the main office to sign out with the attendance secretary.