Course selections for the 2023-2024 school year opens on February 9th, 2023.   Students will make their course selections using MyBlueprint.    Guidance counsellors will be giving presentations in classrooms from February 9th – 15th.   Instructions, pathway information and presentations by grade are accessible by clicking the links in the hyperdoc below.  Scroll down the page to find course descriptions and prerequisties by subject area for W-O’s course offerings.

Course selections are due February 24th by 3 p.m. 



Course Descriptions and Prerequisite Courses by Subject Area

The Arts
Business Studies
Canadian & World Studies ~ Geography
Canadian & World Studies ~ History
Computer Studies
Guidance, Co-op & Career Education
Interdisciplinary Studies – Leadership
Health & Physical Education
Social Sciences & Humanities
Technological Education


Other Useful Links

2023-2024 W-O Course Offerings

2023-2024 Dual Credit Course Options

WRDSB’s Dual Credit Webpage

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

WRDSB Common Course Calendar


Course Fees

If a course fee appears in the course descriptions provided above, and you require financial assistance please contact a staff member (the classroom teacher, guidance counsellor or administration).   We will  ensure that the issue is dealt with in an appropriate, sensitive and confidential manner.



Contact your guidance counsellor if you have any questions!