Course selections for the 2020-2021 school year were completed in early February.     Guidance counsellors visited classrooms and gave presentations to all grades.    Additional presentations were offered at lunch for students who were absent the day of the presentation and for students with spares or e-learning courses scheduled at that time.   Secondary Online Course Requests forms were collected on February 18th & 19th, 2020.


Students can access the course selection presentations on their Guidance Google Classroom.    The Guidance Google Classroom codes for each grade are provided below:

Grade 9:  ardrw5c      Grade 10:  co2bfvp       Grade 11:   qieerq2       Grade 12:  ckkpqth


The following resources are provided for your reference:

Course Offerings 2020_2021

Ontario Secondary School Diploma Requirements

WRDSB Common Course Calendar

Part-time Status and Over 34 Credit Application 2020-2021   For fifth year students wishing to return part-time or for more than 34 credits.  This form was due February 18th, 2020.


Course Descriptions by Subject Area

Business Studies
Canadian & World Studies ~ Geography
Canadian & World Studies ~ History
Computer Studies
Guidance, Co-op & Career Education
Interdisciplinary Studies – Leadership
Health & Physical Education
Social Sciences & Humanities
Technological Education


Course Fees

If a course fee appears in the course descriptions provided above, and you require financial assistance please contact a staff member (the classroom teacher, guidance counsellor or administration).   We will  ensure that the issue is dealt with in an appropriate, sensitive and confidential manner.



If you have any questions regarding course selections and/or diploma requirements please call 519-634-5441 and dial 4 to connect with the guidance office.