**At this time, due to COVID.  All events are canceled.  We hope to return to normal in the near future**

W-O School Dance Contract

School dances are a fun part of student life at W-O.  They provide a chance for students to socialize with their friends in an energetic and less structured atmosphere than during the regular school day.  We have our OUTDOOR  Welcome Back to School Dance on Thursday, Sept. 12th  from 8 – 10 pm, the Semi-Formal on Thursday, November 28 from 7-11 pm at Embassy Hall (Bingemans), and Spring Dance Thursday, May 21st, from 7-10pm at The District Night Club. After another great year of school dances in 2018-2019, the following policies are in place for 2019-2020 to ensure W-O dances remain a positive experience for all involved.

  1. To attend a school dance, Waterloo-Oxford students must buy, in advance, and show at the door, a current Student Activity Card. Administration reserves the right to refuse admission to any student based on academic or behavioural concerns (ie. suspended students are not eligible to attend dances.)
  2. Students planning on attending school dances must have this form signed by a parent/guardian online indicating that they have read and understood this contract.  This form is available on School Day at www.school0day.com
  1. Waterloo-Oxford students, with a valid Student Activity Card, may sign in 1 other student from another school. To attend the dance, all sign-ins will be considered bound by this W-O School Dance Contract and present a current Student Card from an area secondary school.  Any requests for exception to this policy must be requested in writing and given to the SAC Advisor 2 (two) days prior to the dance.  All administrative decisions are final.
  1. Doors for admission will open at the start of the dance and close 2 hours later. Any student planning to arrive later than 9:00 pm who requires an extension, must apply at the SAC office by 2:00 p.m. the day prior to the dance. Students who leave the building during a dance will not be re-admitted. (One consequence of this is that there is no smoking anywhere inside or outside the dance venue, whether the dance is held at W-O or off-campus).
  1. All students will be required to leave their coats in the coat check provided. For dances at W-O there is NO access to the rest of the school and school lockers during a school dance. All areas beyond the cafeteria and foyer are out of bounds.
  1. School rules and provincial laws regarding tobacco, alcohol and drugs will be strictly enforced. Event security, police officer and principal/vice-principal will be on-site to enforce these rules. Students consuming alcohol and/or drugs prior to, or at, a school dance will be sent home and further appropriate discipline will follow.  Students suspended as a result of not following this rule will be ineligible to attend further school dances for the remainder of the school year.  It is our intention to provide a safe environment for students to enjoy themselves without the complications of negative peer pressure and substance abuse
  1. Students are reminded to dance appropriately. There is a zero-tolerance policy in place with respect to “grinding” and students unwilling to dance appropriately will be sent home and will also be ineligible to attend further school dances for the remainder of the school year.
  1. Students must be prepared to leave the premises at the conclusion of the dance. Arrangements for transportation home should be clearly established before coming to the dance.
  1. In response to questions from the community, for your information, the year-end event for grads that may be advertised as “W-O Prom” is a student-run event and is NOT supervised or sanctioned by W-O Administration or Staff.

I have read the above terms of the “W-O School Dance Contract” and agree to its terms and consequences completely:

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Student  Signature: ________________________________

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