September startup can be pretty busy so the library invites you to come and slow down with a book in one of our comfy chairs. Remember that the library is the place to find out how to research and put together all kinds of assignments the right way. We can show you ways to save time and get the most out of your hard work.

Library Learning Commons (LLC) Mission Statement:  The LLC is committed to cultivating an environment where all individuals wanting to read, study, collaborate, or create knowledge, will find inspiration and guidance to achieve meaningful student success.

Hours:  The LLC is open from 7:45 am – 3:00 pm.

Hungry? Thirsty?- Thank you for observing the following rules: Absolutely NO FOOD is allowed in the library and NO BEVERAGES are allowed in the computer lab section of the LLC.

Print Credits:  Every student starts with $2.50 (50 free pages) at the beginning of each school year. Surpluses carry over from year to year.  If you need to purchase additional pages, see a teacher at the circulation desk.

Photocopies: 10 cents/copy (please see the Librarian to use the photocopier)

If you need help with research, citation, or anything else “library”, Ms. Grise and the other teaching professionals in the LLC are ready and willing to help!

For more information about research, citation, plagiarism, chromebooks, etc. please refer to our new updated Library website.