Head of Guidance:    Ms. P. Kipfer   519-634-5441  ext. 5525

Guidance Secretary:   Mrs. L. McCrea   519-634-5441 ext. 5520


Book a Guidance Appointment


Students can schedule an appointment with their guidance counsellor by clicking on the “Book an appointment”  link beside their guidance counsellor’s name below.  Once the appointment is booked, students will receive a confirmation email.    

Parents and guardians wishing to book an appointment:  Please call (519-634-5441 ext. 4) or email your student’s guidance counsellor to arrange for a virtual or telephone meeting.


    Student       Surnames  Counsellor Extension               Email Booking Link
A, Li-Ro  Mrs. Shipp 5526 julianne_shipp@wrdsb.ca Book an appointment
B-D Mr. Mitani 5528 stefan_mitani@wrdsb.ca Book an appointment
E-Le Ms. Kipfer 5525 paula_kipfer@wrdsb.ca Book an appointment
Ru-Z Ms. Parker 5527 julie_parker@wrdsb.ca Book an appointment


Join W-O’s Guidance Google Classroom


Stay up to date on the latest news from W-O’s Guidance Department by joining W-O’s Guidance Google Classroom.    The classroom codes for each grade are provided below:

Grade 9:  dczlcmr             Grade 10:     67i5yhm        Grade 11:    lyimowh         Grade 12:   ardrw5c