Missed Work
It is expected that students complete all assigned work in a timely manner. Students who are absent on the day of an assessment (e.g. test or presentation) or when an assignment is due, must speak with their teacher when they return to make arrangements to complete the required work. Whenever possible, students will inform their teacher in advance of their absence.

Each assessment will have a final date of submission after which it will no longer be graded. This date will be clearly communicated to students by the teacher. Work that has not been submitted by the final due date will be deemed “incomplete” for the purposes of grade reporting. Failure to complete all required work will negatively impact a student’s final grade, and may prevent successful attainment of the credit.

Academic Integrity Policy
Some students will knowingly or unknowingly commit academic offences. If a student is suspected of committing an academic offence, the teacher will inform administration and will meet with the student to determine the nature and extent of the incident and the student’s understanding of the situation and intent. Students who commit an academic offence will face one or more of the following consequences:

– Re-doing part or all of the assessment under direct supervision, or completing an alternate assignment.
– Limited access to academic recognition, school awards, and scholarships.
– Additional consequences related to the student’s behavior, including detentions and/or suspensions.
– Parent/guardian phone call or meeting.

Exams and Summative Evaluations
Students are required to be present on the assigned date for all their examinations and summative evaluations unless a medical certificate is provided or the student has received administration approval in advance of the evaluation.  Vacations, trips abroad and summer jobs (e.g. camp counsellor training) are not acceptable reasons for missing exams or final evaluations.

Do you want to make a change to your timetable?
Any concerns with timetables should be discussed with a guidance counsellor by signing up for an appointment on-line from the school website (guidance tab).  Considerations for timetable changes will be made on an individual basis and dependent on course availability.

Full-Time Status
Students who have successfully earned 16 credits, may opt (with parent permission) to take three credits per semester and have a “spare” period.

Full Disclosure for Grade 11 and 12 Courses
A student taking a grade 11 or 12 course has up to five instructional days after the mid-term report card to drop the course in order for it not to appear on his/her transcript.