businessimageDepartment Members:

  • Mr. J. Buchenauer
  • Mr. C. Burns
  • Ms. P. Chatrath
  • Ms. N. Henry
  • Ms. K. Rautenberg
  • Ms. J. Schmidt
  • Ms. D. Stafford
  • Mrs. S. Steffler

Welcome to the W-O Business Department

The W-O Business Department and its teachers are committed to developing our students’ financial literacy and business savvy in preparation for their personal, academic, and/or professional life.

Earn Your Business Certificate

In preparation for post-secondary education, students are also encouraged to continue with specialized business studies during their senior years. All students earning their OSSD with any combination of 5 or more business credits from the courses listed below will obtain a Business Certificate that accompanies their diploma upon graduation.

Waterloo Oxford Business Certificate Application.

Please complete this form by May 25th, 2024 if you have completed five (5) or more business classes during your time at Waterloo Oxford. Students who meet this criteria will be awarded a business certificate with their diploma.

This form MUST be completed to be considered for a business certificate. The courses you identify that you have taken, or are currently taking will be confirmed with guidance prior to issuing the certificate.

Why is the Grade 9 (BTT1OI) course FOR YOU???


Grade Course Name Course Code
9 Information Technology BTT1OI
10 Information Technology BTT2OI
10  Introduction to Business BBI2OI
11 Accounting Introduction BAF3MI
11  Entrepreneurship BDI3CI
11  Marketing BMI3CI/BMX3EI
11  Canadian Law CLU3MI/CLU3EI
12 Accounting Principles BAT4MI
12  International Business BBB4MI
12  Business Leadership BOH4MI/BOG4EI
12  Economics CIA4UI
12  Canadian & International Law CLN4UI