Today we loaded all the completed hampers and took them to the Wilmot Family Resource Centre sorting station at the former arena site in New Hamburg.

It is hard to do justice in a couple of pictures of just how much the W-O Community donated this year!  We will be delivering 41 completely full hampers (7 Large, 19 Medium, and 15 Small).  This is actually more hampers than were spoken for. Thanks to those homerooms who collected spare food and $$ we were able to complete an entire extra Large family hamper.

In addition to these 41 complete hampers we will be delivering 40 extra sets of fresh produce (carrots, cabbage and apples), 16 extra boxes of food collected over and above that the Family Resource Centre will use to complete other hampers, and $475 of extra cash that will also go to helping complete more hampers.

A special thanks goes out to K-DAC Transport for their continued support delivering the hampers.

Thank you so much to all the staff and students whose contributions will bless so many families in our community this holiday season!