If you are student currently attending another school within the Waterloo region, please request a Principal to Principal transfer from your current school to begin the registration process.

Complete and submit the Online Registration Form.     Here are instructions for online registration.   First time users will need to create an account to get started.   Once we receive the registration form, we will contact you to arrange an appointment with a Vice-Principal and Guidance Counsellor.

The following documentation is required to register at Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School:

  • Birth Certificate, OR Permanent Resident Card, OR Passport, OR Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Proof of Address (Utility bill, OR a bill with a full name and address, OR a copy of offer to purchase a residence OR a copy of a lease/rental agreement)
  • Transcript OR Credit Counselling Summary (preferred) OR a Recent Report Card
  • IEP where applicable
  • Completed registration form

Changing schools may affect your Athletic Eligibility so check out the rules and regulations for the Waterloo County Secondary Schools Athletics Association (WCSSAA).

7.3 WCSSAA Transfer Policy
7.3.1 No school shall include in its line-up any student who has been registered as a
transfer from another school within the previous twelve (12) months