Waterloo Oxford Magazine and Cookie Dough Sales, October 3-17, 2017

Waterloo-Oxford is excited to begin another QSP Magazine Sales campaign – and this year’s will truly be bigger and better than ever as we will continue to offer Tasty Cookie Dough to the list of products you can buy to support Student Activities at Waterloo-Oxford and the work of Interfaith Community Counselling in our school community.  Be sure to check out online sales at www.qsp.ca enter school code  3712841 and buy the products that you want.  Be sure to include the name and class of the student you are supporting as that will help them qualify for great prizes like a $250 cash!

The campaign officially runs from Oct. 3-17, 2017, but sales can be made anytime to support the program, Student Activities and Interfaith Community Counselling.”

For more information, please click here.