As a student at Waterloo-Oxford, you will find a wide variety of activities in which you can participate. The activities you may wish to be involved in range from competitive sports teams to music and performing arts groups to all kinds of interest clubs as well. By becoming an active participant in any of the wide range of activities available, you will find that your school life is broadened and enriched. You will have the chance to make many new friends and you will be provided with a wide range of memories and experiences that will last you a lifetime. We believe that to be a truly complete educational institution, we must complement class work with a diverse and high quality activities program. Student’s who participate in activities outside the classroom stay in school longer, perform better academically, and this improved school experience has positive life-long benefits.

To find out what teams, groups, clubs and activities are being offered that you might be interested in, come down to your Student Activities Office where someone will be there to serve you. Or talk to a member of the SAC Executive or your Homeroom Rep. If there is something you wish to see offered that isn’t, come and see us so we can help you get your activity started. It is our goal to offer something for everyone.