Grade 8 Students
Normally, students in grade 8 register for grade 9 with the assistance of the Principal and staff of the grade 8 school. Course Calendar, course selections sheets, and other materials are delivered to the grade 8 schools that belong to the W-O family of schools.

Other Students
New families to the area – It is important that you ensure that you are residing in the W-O area. Those who live in rural areas must provide county name, township name, lot & concession numbers. Students residing in certain parts of Perth County or Oxford County normally attend Waterloo-Oxford D.S.S.  You may wish to talk to the staff at the appropriate school board.

Students who have moved into the Waterloo-Oxford area and who wish to register at W-O are required to call the school and book an appointment with the appropriate Vice Principal. The Vice Principal will verify whether you reside within the W-O boundaries. Once the Vice Principal has approved the student for registration, the student will usually see a Counsellor for selection of courses, timetable and so on.

Changing schools may affect your Athletic Eligibility so check out the rules and regulations for the Waterloo County Secondary Schools Athletics Association (WCSSAA).

7.3 WCSSAA Transfer Policy
7.3.1 No school shall include in its line-up any student who has been registered as a
transfer from another school within the previous twelve (12) months

 Information Required for Registration

 Bring the following information with you when you come to W-O for your interview with the Vice Principal:

1) official high school transcript [available from your last high school],

2) copy of your last report card showing attendance records,

3) birth certificate/proof of age, and

4) proof of address.

All registration appointments should be made directly through the Guidance Secretary, Mrs. McCrea.  Please call 519-634-5441 ext 5520 or email